Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Continuing On

I'm still alive, believe me. I've been fairly busy, and every time I sit down for a break, the last thing on my mind is updating my blog. But that's okay. But I thought I would hop on and give an update. I'm in my final trimester of college, meaning I graduate in May. I can't tell you how excited I am about that. I've been playing a game called MadWorld on Wii, along with Persona 4 on PS2, both of which are fun. I may post reviews, but that will come later. Also, 8 months until I get married. Oh man, I wish it was sooner. But time keeps on ticking, so begins the waiting game.

Tonight at church Mr. Gary Permenter spoke about raising godly families and how kids can accept parental guidance. Gary's a great guy and I've heard him speak a lot, but tonight the Holy Spirit touched my heart, not because I'm either a parent or a youth, but because the underlying theme of his message convicted me of my own life. Gary's advice to parents lie mostly in providing a godly example and teaching that example to their children. I came to realize that even though I don't have children to watch after, I am seen by the youth at church, my co-workers, friends, and family. I often doubt, or at least I do now that I think about it, that anyone would automatically assume I'm a Christian without me saying so. Even this blog has spent more time talking about games than God, and that's a problem. When things like that get in the way of the Lord, they become idols. Idols need to be removed, or God will remove them for me, and He won't do it in a way I enjoy. My new prayer is that I can push my hobbies and interests to the back and pull God to the front of my mind and heart. That I may use those things to honor God, through sportsmanship or even appreciation of the creativity given by God to humankind. That's something that's taken for granted, and left for another time, but when you want a movie, play a video game, read a book, or whatever, first of all I pray it does not lead you away from God (do away with it) but also remember that God provides everyone with an imagination and creativity that leads to the creation of everything on earth. I know I said I wouldn't go into it, but I am rather passionate about it.

So, I pray God will forgive me of my dull light. We are to be shining lights to nonbelievers, but sometimes (like now) I feel like I'm that dull light that's just barely flickering. God will brighten me though, through whatever means necessary. I pray if you feel like I do that He will do the same for you.


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